YOUR CONSULTANT IS Tiffany 'Gabel' Rito

My Story

My Story There really is not much to my story, but that’s what makes the Scentsy Opportunity so EXCITING!! If I can do this, ANYONE can do this! I have two boys keeping me busy with school, basketball, and baseball, in addition to a very supportive husband! I enjoy playing co-ed softball in the summer and enjoy being outside working in the yard. I work full-time as Licensed Master’s Social Worker and work part-time at local skilled nursing home as a CNA.     I didn’t think I had the time … Nor did I think I’d be good at selling anything, but I really LOVE Scentsy and want everyone to enjoy it too. I have always loved burning candles, but I was getting tired of the black film that was accumulating on my cupboards, and almost always I’d forget to blow out the candles before leaving the house, creating a huge fire hazard. So the Scentsy concept made perfect sense!   I first caught a scent from a Scentsy Warmer while doing home visits for work in April 2010. I was immediately impressed with the way the sent permeated the whole house in a very subtle, warm, and inviting manner. I was even more amazed when I was shown the source of the scent, a proudly placed KU Warmer on the family room fireplace mantle and a very sophisticated Symphony Warmer in the foyer. I was given a catalog, and immediately turned off by the thought of hosting a party ordering on-line. However, the experience of the Scentsy Warmer stayed with me and a couple of months later I was talking with a mom on my son’s baseball team and found out she had a personal friend that was a consultant. She also told me about the HOST rewards and I decided it was time to get the KU warmer I was longing for!!   I hosted a party in July 2010 and what an amazingly different experience…NO formal presentation, no pressure on the guest to make a purchase, just a relaxing get together with family and friends! It was so much fun to sit around and smell all of the fabulous scents!  I absolutely fell in love with their products, especially after seeing them first hand and having a wonderful time at my party!  Not only did I want a KU warmer, but I had so many circled in the catalog that I like, I WANTED THEM ALL and am well on my way to HAVING THEM ALL!!   I made the decision to JOIN just a month later, after I saw how simple, yet elegant the party experience was. I spent some time researching the company, interviewing a few consultants, and discussing this business opportunity with my family.  Scentsy is something I enjoy and it’s pleasing to make a little extra money doing it! Where else can you go to a party, meet new people, socialize, all while earning money?!?!    If you are new to Scentsy and wanting to smell the scents or want the products explained to you, GIVE ME A CALL!! If you are an old friend of Scentsy and looking to replenish or update your scents, GIVE ME A CALL!!   Please, email or call if you are interested in hosting, buying or joining the Scentsy team!   <!--endbody-->